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London Update

November 21, 2013

I’ve been now asked so often to continue the blog…thought I might write a quick update (and no, Alex, I won’t write a book). So here you go. What happened since my return?  A lot. I’ve become a Cheesemonger. Yep, I really made it!!! A proper change of course. You’re gonna find now a happy girl with a big grin behind the counters of Neal’s Yard Dairy. Awesome cheese and very lovely people. I am immersing in the British Cheese world, learning a lot about cheese and food and wine. Love it 🙂

The job gives me a lot of time to do all the fun stuff…finally!!! Friends, movies, books, concerts, cooking & baking, volunteering,  galleries, theatre … Still exploring London’s coffee shops – Jacs, they keep up with Melbourne but it’s just not the same without youhuuuuu!!!

And I managed to make use of my good old friend Sony alpha 5N more often. Pics say more than words…. see below.

Lots of love

Mel x


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