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Back to where it all started

July 30, 2013

So, this is where it all began… here I am back on the farm. I decided to spend some days on the farm before heading back to London and starting a new chapter in my life. So good to be back, meet the lovely stuff and friends, making cheese (I made Ricotta!!!), breathing fresh warm Somerset air. The farm looks very different from when I left in spring, everything’s so green now, it is warm, I don’t need to lit fire or have to wear 5 layers of clothes.

Went down to Bath’s farmers market and had a great day with Debbie, sold lots of cheese and by the end of the day my goat’s cheesecake was sold out too, what a success 🙂

Just want to say thank you to all those who’ve been following this blog (I had a look at the stats… wow!!). A million thanks to my mum, dad and my sister, to Sibs, Anke, Claudia, Christina & Steward, Petra, Jacs, Dawn, Debbie & Cam and Mary.
Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, encouraging me and pushing me to follow my dreams and for not judging.

Reckon it’s time to open a new chapter…

Lots of love

Mel xx


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