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Serenity in Bali

July 15, 2013

It’s time to find a little peace, to relax, allow my soul to dangle and unwind, before heading back to reality, the bustling London. I’m lucky, I found paradise just a few flight hours away from Perth.
I’m sitting on a cosy sofa on my cute little veranda, surrounded by lush greens, flowers, a small temple in a hidden garden in Ubud, Bali. This is such a beautiful place, an oasis for your soul. I’m listening to chirping crickets, inhaling the warm air, drinking coconut water. I enjoy calm and serenity, being by myself, I relax, let my thoughts run free, savour the undisturbed peace. I’m doing yoga for the first time and am thrilled.
I treat myself with spas and massages, good books, good food, cooking classes, rice field walks and good coffee. Who would have thought Bali has excellent cafes, roasting their own beans and even offering barista and coffee tasting courses.
I’m not missing anything, not even cheese…not yet 🙂

I’ve joined an awesome cooking class somewhere in a village outside of Ubud, a beautiful compound in the middle of rice terraces.

And when I thought I couldn’t get better, I arrived at Balangan beach, a well known surf spot south west of Bali, with huge waves, empty but gorgeous beaches and a 2min walk to cute little bamboo bungalows surrounded by Palm trees. I spent 2 awesome days watching waves, surfers and sunsets, drinking uncountable fruit juices, eating lots of fresh seafood and having a peaceful sleep in my 3×3 m princess bed.

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