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Roadtrip #4 – The South of Western Australia

July 6, 2013

We’re heading along the coast of the Great South West Edge towards Perth. In contrast to the Nullarbor, Western Australia is incredible versatile in terms of flora and fauna. What a contrast between land and see, a dramatic coastline, stunning surf spots, white beaches, vast landscape and farmland (with pretty cows and fluffy sheeps), lush green forests and beautiful pristine National Parks with massive giant trees.

Seeing whales for the first time in my life was undoubtedly my highlight. The Southern Right Whales came incredible close to the coast so we could watch them and even recognize their massive blowholes. It was an unforgettable  moment which deserved an entry in my travel diary as the Whale-Day.

We’ve been to Denmark, ha! We took the “tasting road” with nice wineries, chocolate factories, local honey and of course cheese – Denmark Farmhouse Cheese with an absolutly beautiful Gold Hill Cheddar, only available in their local shop.

Worth mentioning is Margareth River, a renowned wine region with beautiful vineyards, and again yummie tastings at chocolate factories, cheese shops, honey farm, olive groves, coffee roastery with a very interesting coffee tasting … a real delight!

After 6.754km in 3 weeks we arrived in Perth, final stop.

And then there are the beaches … one of the most beautiful pristine and white beaches I have ever seen. No further comments needed.

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