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Roadtrip #1 – Victoria & The Great Ocean Road

July 6, 2013

Now, time to get ready for the second Roadtrip, which is gonna be a bit longer than the one in Croatia (well we’re in a country that is 31.49 times bigger than the UK!). Therefore we decided for a bigger car, a Van named Chubby (don’t ask), pretty noisy, completely inefficient in terms of fuel but totally sufficient for our purposes, it came with bed and kitchen facilities. We started off on the Great Ocean Road which was a WOW drive, the entire road I was staring out of the window on the cliffs, rockes, beaches, what a stunning view. Then the 12 Apostles (which aren’t 12 but who cares) and – greetings from home – the London Bridge, absolutely gorgeous landscape, vast lush green hills and farmland, made me feel as winter is far far away.

After the first day of driving Jacs let me behind the steering wheel… which she immediately regretted. My first ride on the left side and in a Van! Well, what shall I say, we’re still alive but Jacs went through a couple of scary moments, hiding her face with her hands, I can tell. I eventually got used to left and right and indicator and wipers and then it was really fun driving especially when a kangaroo is hopping next to you …


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