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Good bye Oz

July 6, 2013

It is dawn, I awake from a deep and peaceful sleep, I’m rolling to one and then to the other side of my huge princess bed, I slowly lift my head and I squint against the bright morning light, my eyes moving along the duvet and right behind of the foot end of my bed, there it is…a sky immersed in all shades of morning red, far away the towers of Perth City sparkling at the horizon. This has been my every morning ceremony in the last few days.  I am in the Perth Hills, we’re staying at a beautiful place of Jac’s friends Jackson and Zaskia, a lovely couple that welcomed us with such a warmth and hospitality which makes me even more enjoying my last days in Australia but also even  harder to leave this beautiful country. I enjoy the sun and nature, great food in good company, try to breath as much fresh air as I can and try not to think about what’s coming next (namely 2 cheese free weeks).

Perth is a beautiful place, with nice suburbs, good markets (I had gluten free Scones, rolls filled with spinach and ricotta and multiseed flutes for the first time), great book shops, a lot of green (beautiful Kings Park), nice beaches, cute little towns in Perth Hills, great vineyards (Swan Valley!!!!) and KANGAROOOOOOOOS crossing my jogging track.

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