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Melbourne for foodies

June 7, 2013

THE city for good good coffee, and I mean REALLY good coffee, literally everywhere and I am not exaggerating (I’m gonna make a coffee collage, you’ll see). Same applies for gluten-free food, I swear it’s on every menu, in every restaurant, bar, cafe, food shop and even in bakeries (!!!!). I can’t stop being astonished and amazed about it. “Victoria – the place to be” – that’s what’s on the car register plates, my speech. A city (or maybe the entire country) which is paradies to celiacs. Who would have thought of this after Italy?

Although being known for the most hotest, driest and most unfertile country, Australia has some very juicy and crispy green spots, specially in the south and Tasmania. Hence the vast amount of cows, sheeps and goats. I reckon they are pretty happy regarding the vast amount of gras, which explains the very tasty milk … and guess what that means for the cheeses, GREAT GREAT GREAT!

There is no real native Australian cheese to name since the settlers, from Britain, Netherlands, Italy to the Dutch all brought their local techniques of cheese making. But they’ve done a pretty awsome job.  The cheddars leave me speakless, they literally melt on your tongue and are sohooooo tasty, in no way inferior to comparable English cheddar (well done British settlers). The blue goat’s cheeses knock you off your socks and all stuff from Tasmanian beats everything in terms of flavour. Been to a beautiful nearby Yarra Valley, known for excellent vineyards of Australia, had a great day with Jac’s family on the beautiful dairy farm of Yarra Valley Dairy (recommended by Mary’s current cheese maker Cam from Melbourne), had some lovely cheeses and good coffee, tasted delicious wine at one of the numerous wineries, Yering Station Station, and bought tasty Cider at Pont Road.

And there is much more to come … second roadtrip starts tomorrow!!!!

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  1. cameron rowan permalink

    looks great mel, im stocked you loved it! it makes me miss home xo

    • I understand why….such a beautiful country mate!!! Just rode along great ocean road, whoaaaa!

  2. Although summer finally arrived in Berlin and sun is shining bright and burning like hell your cheese-love and adventure-spirit alway warm my heart and make me smile while reading about your dreams come true! Take care. Hugs, Katha

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