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G’day mate!

June 7, 2013

After having almost a heart-attack at the airport of Rome (“Ms Kroeber you don’t have a visa for Australia” – WHAT???… never ever had trouble with the ö in my surname) we landed save and sound in Melbourne .

I wanted to avoid the phrase tourists usually use when describing places they’ve been to “and the people there were very friendly” but hell yeah these Aussies are REALLY friendly and so cheerful!!! They seem to be 24/7 in a good mood, like a good-morning-show radio presenter. I feel so welcomed and homely here, wandering around with a permanent grinning on my face.

One cannot deny that Australia is neglected in the news but obviously there is nothing outrageous to report. This country is just peaceful and good, clean and comfortable, with a prosperous society. It is the only country that is a continent and the other way around. And here is another fact, of the world’s 10 most poisonous snakes, all are Australian.

One other thing that strikes me as a European is the flora and fauna. So many birds twittering and laughing and yelling at the same time that I can’t help but giggling “like in our zoos” 🙂 Along with the obviously increasing awareness of healthy living and food (gluten free food EVERYWHERE), the cleanliness in this country is striking. Nowhere garbage. Australians have been educated to buy cloth bags to reduce plastic waste. I am proudly owner of a pink Aldi bag now.

We stayed in Jac’s hometown Melbourne for a couple of days and had lots of time to indulge in coffee, markets, some more coffee, sushi (incredible cheap here), done trips to Yarra Valley, Healsville Sanctury and the lovely Dandenongs..and had coffee. It is winter here and just so beautiful. Loved it!!!!


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