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Rome – my culinary highlight

June 1, 2013

My second time in Rome and as expected the city did not disappoint, on the contrary, this was my culinary highlight in terms of food and cheese. The perfect Mel-day looked as follows: long sleep, good coffee, strolling in Trastevere, my favorite area in Rome. I first went to oldest cheese shop in Rome, Antica Caciara Trastevere, with a lovely old shop owner and locals who introduced me to the Italian cheese world (I bought extraordinary Formaggi di Capri, a goat cheese which comes very close to Mary’s Old Ford and OMG-Buffalo-Mozarrella), then had lunch at Da I Sandri a Trastevere, a gluten-free restaurant, where the chef invited me to the kitchen and showed me how they make the gluten-free pizza dough and theeeeeeennn I was in heaven, having the best stone-oven pizza Margaritha in my life. After finishing the whole thing I hugged the chef gratefully, almost in tears… might sound funny to you but Italy is a paradise for celicas, believe me.

If you ever come to Rome and look for something special to bring home, then go to Volpetti, one of the best Delis I’ve ever been. The small shop is crammed with irresistable, delicious local treats. I spent endless time there, whatever my eyes caught the staff, an elderly Roman, let me have a sample…..FOODHEAVEN!!! Even the sausages and Prociutto thrilled me. I ended up “only” bying Sheep’s Ricotta, but tasted delicious Pecorino Fusso and again Mozarrella Burrata (the staff laughed out loud when they saw me closing my eyes, shouting “holy sh***” while putting the creamy piece in my mouth)

On our last night in Rome/Europe we went out for dinner (I had another Buffalo-Mozarrella-Pizza) with the lovely Philippine family we met at our accomodation. Great and fun evening.

Ready to meet the Aussies now!!!!!!!!!

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