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The cheese island Pag

May 29, 2013

Croatia has a cheese Island!!! Yep, and worth a trip and not only because of the incredible good sheep cheese. However, that was MY day.
On the Island Pag a unique sheep breed (Paška Ovca) is living whose milk is used to make the award-winning Paški Sir (whoaaaa!) which is nowhere else made but here. It said that of 8,000 sheep’s come 40,000 residents. So you can imagine everybody is involved in the sheep business in one or the other way. All farming families make their own Paškir Sir, on a small scale but apparently with raw milk. Whereas the bigger cheese producers make Paški Sir with pasteurized milk, supplied by the sheep farmers of the Island. We were lucky to get a tour in one of the factories and a tasting, Gligora Dairy in Kolan.
Despite pasteurization the cheese tasted amazing and is in my opinion something very special, the worldwide increasing demand confirms it too. A refreshing swim in a nearby peaceful spot and a wonderful sunset in the evening rounded up the perfect day and that very same night I fall asleep with a smile.

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