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Roadtrip in Croatia

May 29, 2013

What a road trip! Awesome! When we look at the map it feels like we’ve seen a hell lot of places in Croatia on about 1.755km. It was so much fun cruising down the coastal road D8!!! Jacs and me met up with Petra, rent a car and drove 2 weeks through Croatia, started in Zagreb up north, then west to Istria and then down the entire coast of beautiful Dalmatian with its beautiful old towns, with excursions to the inland to stop at some of Croatia ‘s famous national parks, hopping on some of the countless Islands, a day trip to Montenegro, and final stop in Dubrovnik.
I’m not gonna describe the whole itinerary as I believe pictures say more then words…well maybe the cheese part deserves a few more words.

Just some of my personal impressions …
The most crystal clear and turquoise water I’ve ever seen
The smell of rosemary
The glazing sun
Zagreb – best blueberry ice cream in my life, every spoon I had to comment with a mmmmhhh omg. Also best freshly made Kefir from dairy stall at the market.
Matarska most darkest and tasiest chocolate ice cream.
The cheese island Pag and the unique Paški Sir.
Markets – our first stop in every town, searching for local cheese and fresh veg and fruits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Food…just look at the pictures, no comment needed.
Best seafood risotto (with more seafood than actual rice).
Locally made olive oil.
Breathtaking views on the Adriatic sea, the barren and rocky mountains.
Cruising along the lovely coast roads listening to the most horrible radio programs.
Our accommodations – always lovely places, quite, peaceful, with terraces or balconies to chill.
Our regular runs in the morning, in the mountains, meeting a deer, along the rocky coast, at the port, in parks.
My deep and peaceful sleep.
Delicious cheese.
Locally, fresh and tasty Dalmatian food.
Peace and silence.
Very very happy girl.

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