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Prague & the communism

April 29, 2013

I finally made it to Prague. Finally because it is actually so close to my hometown but I never managed to drive by. So in a few key points, what’s been stuck?

Architecture – I loved the uncountable Nouvelle Age buildings, which are well preserved, picturesque and almost too neat.
The communism –  still alive as soon as you leave the borders of the old town, lots of childhood memories came up. The recently elected President of Czech Republic is a Communist, heading a Communist Party. Really! How did the Germans got rid of communism so quickly but not our neighbour?
Street art – Sandra the only female writer and member of the art group Trafacka, showed us an alternative Prague far away from tourism. Her recommended visit of a Jazz club with a nice glass of Czech wine made our day perfect.

Czech food – I had my very first glutenfree dumplings (aka Semmelknoedel) with beef sirloin (halleluja!) and freshly drafted glutenfree beer and a delicious Goulash and bramborahs (potatoe pancakes aka Kartoffelpuffer) white and red cabbage just like at home and Wieners over Wieners. Also the Czechs make good coffee.
Cheese – yes there is even though only few. The Czechs are more known for sausages and beer such as the Germans. Nakládaný Hermelin is a popular bar snack best accompanied with dark bread and beer. It is a bloomy rind cheese similar to brie or camembert, cow’s milk, pickled in big jars of spiced oil (mainly pepper, onions and garlice) and left for a few weeks. It’s different, it is a heavy snack but tasty, I liked it but you can’t call it a good quality cheese. Therefore we had to go to farmer’s markets where I tasted a couple of lovely handmade cheeses, a great Czech Parmesan and a nice Reblochon style soft cheese, both pasteurised cow’s milk but very tasty. I tasted one goat cheese made by a young cheesemaker 90km outside of Prague (www. In a local cheeseshop i was told that the “cheese business” is very small but growing since more and more people demand local products, and milk is what the Czechs have a lot of.


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