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Krakow, Auschwitz & Zakopane

April 29, 2013

After a literally hot overnight train ride, rewarded with a good coffee at 6am in the morning, we arrived in Krakow, close to Auschwitz, a place I wanted to go for so long. Having seen Buchenwald, however nothing compares to Auschwitz. The excellent guide made the tour memorable but also caused a knotty stomach and made me feel uncomfortable being a German, especially when an Israeli whose relatives died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz emphasised his desire to kill an Nazi if he only meet one.

Krakow itself … unexpected pretty, lovely castle, nice river to hang around and of course food, oh my god. I looked up another gluten free restaurant where I had my first Polish dumplings, we had Borschtsch soup and Jacs incredable good stuffed cabbage rolls, which made us still smiling hours later.

After having my first arabic chai coffee the next day we left for Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains accompanied by bright sunshine. We hiked up to Gubalowka 1123m enjoying the  sun on the summit with an incredable view on snowy mountains.

And yes there is some good cheese in Poland.

Bryndza –  soft sheeps milk cheese made in Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania and Poland, which people use as a spread on dark bread of for cooking.

Oscypec – is smoked cheese made of unpasteurised salted sheep’s milk exclusively in the Tatra Mounains region of Poland, protected recipe since 2007. Milk is first turned into cottage cheese,  then pressed into wooden spindle-shaped and perforated formes that makes the cheeses look like wood carvings. The Poles eat them as a snack both cold or grilled with cranberry jam. I loved it. The smoky flavour and shape did not surprise me since all what we’ve seen and eaten seemed very meaty, heavy and rusty and so were most of the houses are made of wood and decorated with wood carvings.

I wonder why the Poles have not put their sausages in such decorative wooden carved shapes yet. I might suggest that.

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  1. Hi! I would like to know how you did to get to Zakopane from Auschwitz?
    Thank you

    • hi Aline, we stayed in Krakow and done a daytrip to Auschwitz and a daytrip to Zakopane. All by bus. let me know if you have more questions.
      Mel x

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