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Trip to the Normandy

April 14, 2013

Next stop is Pontécoulant, a pretty village in the Calvados region of the Basse-Normandy. I ususally go there once a year to see my lovely friends Margot and Claude who both spoilt me again on my four-day-stay.

The village had a fleemarket which most interesting attraction was the food. The sausages don’t come even close to the German ones. But the cakes … whoa. Teurgoule (kind of a rice pudding) and flan de prune (plum cake), yummy. See pics below.

An important sidenote: I brought a few british cheeses to my french gourmets (remember this is THE country known for goat’s cheese), which was Mary’s Tymsboro and Old Ford along with Westcombe Cheddar and Lord of the Hundreds. Serge, a true gourmant and cheese connaisseur, was absolutely thrilled by the Tymsboro and Old Ford. I must tell Mary!!!

Since Margot and Claude knew about my work on the farm, they did some research and took me to a goats farm where we tasted some fresh goat’s cheese. Well what shall I say … Mary’s is unbeatable 🙂

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