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The cattle

February 24, 2013

At the moment the farm is very busy with regards to animal population. The goats are kidding nearly every day. Hence lots of squealing from every corner in the stable, the kids are gathering in groups, almost stacking in order to keep warm. You see them cuddling up together, nestling in the hay, which makes it hard for them to be found. Looks like a cosy hideaway, doesn’t it?

DSC00512 DSC00513 DSC00514 DSC00515 DSC00516 DSC00519

Since goats can kid up to quadruplets, you can imagine the size of their udders, which is accordingly large, to put it mildly. Looks like they’re dragging milk reserves for the entire cattle herd on Sleight Farm. Poor girls, wish I could milk’em but not allowed until they give birth. And naturally they don’t give notice when the kids are about to slip out. Can be any time of the day or night when nobody is around to give a hand. Hence there have been some stillbirths, which I stumbled across when I was leaving the cheeseroom the other day. Well, the majority of the kids will end up the same way. They are going to be slaughtered fairly soon.


The pigs are breeding like crazy too. For instance 2 pigs had 15 piglets on total. Apparently they have to be fed accordingly. While I’d regard it as a reward others would see it rather as a punishment. But on Wednesday I had to cut about 15 Stiltons I reckon, for the pigs to be fed. Stiltons were leftovers from Christmas sales in cheeseshops which Mary brought home some weeks ago. One or two were still in a good shape and taste so we kept them for our pleasures, some were not …



DSC00500 DSC00505  DSC00506 DSC00507

Pictures of pigs (as well as cock with hens shouldn’t be forgotten) will follow later on. So far I didn’t dare to enter the pigsties (Schweinestall) because it looks like a swimming pool of smelly mud…

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