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The Farm

February 19, 2013

It’s a 20min drive from Bath to Sleight Farm. Mary picked me up from Bath Spa station. As soon as we reached the entrance of the farm my jaw dropped open.

DSC00459 DSC00463 DSC00466

We had coffee with goats milk, bread with goats butter and I was offered – surprise – goats cheese (Mary’s Old Ford). Mel was in seven heaven. As it was time for evening milk, Mary quickly gave me a tour around the farm before we went straigt into the milking building where I spent 2h milking goats. At first one has to milk with ones hands, checking if milk is left in the udder I learned (cause the kits might have sucked them already empty) and then you put on the milking machines. Well, I ended up with some bruises. Fair enough, who likes being squeezed and pulled at their nipples? I would kick back too if somebody touches my nipples without a warning.

DSC00470 DSC00473 DSC00475 DSC00477 DSC00482

140 goats, 30 pigs and some chicken. But the farm gets busier these days since its kidding time, means half of the goats are about to burst. Honestly, when you look at their backs while milking them you get the feeling a kit jumps immediatly right into your face.

Dinner looks like this … I certainly won’t turn into a vegetarian.

DSC00483 DSC00485 DSC00486

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